Seasonal Luxury Bedding Linen
Fall/Winter Collection 2017

The rooms in catalogs always look perfect, from the linens to the decor. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a picture perfect home yourself, it’s time to turn your world from drab to fab. Whether you have an eye for design or struggle to match colors, collections from Frette can create the perfect environment of comfort and luxury. Transform your home into your ideal atmosphere with collections inspired by stylish looks from around the world. The options for fashionable flair range from classic to modern to rustic, giving you all the options you need to design the room that’s right for you. From a beautiful bedroom to lavish bath linens, you can finally have it all with Frette.
Designer Bedding Collections for Every Season
In addition to our beautiful Classic Collection, Frette offers a number of new seasonal bedding collections twice each year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. While each collection may be inspired by something different, every bed linen shares those qualities — Fibre, Finish, and Feel — that make Frette the provider of the finest linens in the world. We always offer high quality raw materials, including extra-long staple cotton, pure flax linen, and luxurious silk; exceptional finishing and tailoring that results in soft, silky, durable pieces; and a feel that is remarkably comfortable against the skin.
Frette's seasonal designer bedding collections take their inspiration from the world around us. The muses for a few of our previous collections have included the artistry and splendor of the Italian city of Milan, the elegance and beauty of the natural world, and the strong lines and angles of the modern urban world. Our designers have also introduced classic patterns and colours into the new seasonal bedding collections, giving them a contemporary look and feel that would be a welcome addition to any modern home. Our seasonal collections coordinate flawlessly with sheets and shams from our Classic Collections, allowing you to incorporate the new pieces elegantly into your existing bedding selection.