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Dear Visitor (hereinafter, " You " or " User "),

This website ( (hereinafter " Site ") is owned by Frette s.r.l.  , a single-shareholder company, Registered Capital Euro 2,000,000.00, fully paid, REA [Economic and Administrative Index] MI-1761936, Tax ID and VAT Number 04630610964, with registered office at via Fratelli Gabba 1/A, 20121 Milan (hereinafter, " We " or “ Company ").

Our site uses “cookies” for various purposes, and so we would like to explain what cookies are, and how they are used on the Site. This Cookie Policy is also provided pursuant to Art. 122 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Italian Privacy Act) and Art. 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679 (the “Regulation”) to illustrate how, and for what purposes we process Your personal information, which might be collected using cookies on our site.

The present Cookie Policy is provided in addition to the Site’s Privacy Policy which invite You to read.

Some cookies (known as first-party or a site’s own cookies) are channelled and controlled directly by us. Through these cookies, Company gathers and processes some of your personal data.

Other cookies (“third-party cookies”) are, on the other hand, channelled and controlled by third parties. In this policy, You will find links to policies posted by these third parties; we invite You to read these over carefully. 

Read this policy carefully, along with the general privacy policy for the Site, so that You might make informed choices.

A. What are cookies, and what are they used for?

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send directly to your computer terminal (usually to a browser) where they are recorded before being relayed back to the sites upon the user's next visit ( first-party cookie ). While navigating our site, the user may also receive cookies from other sites or web servers (“ third-party cookies ”); this happens because elements like images, maps, sounds, links to other domains housed on servers other than the one on which the requested page is housed, may be present on the site You visit. In other words, these are cookies that are set by a site other than the one You are presently visiting.

Cookies may be limited to a single navigation session using a given browser (“session cookies ”), in which case they disable automatically as soon as the user closes the browser. On the other hand, they may have a predetermined expiration: in such cases, they remain active and stored on your hard disk until such expiration date, where they continue to gather information over the course of different browser navigation sessions (“ permanent cookies ”).

Cookies perform different functions. Some are needed to allow You to navigate the Site and use its functions (“technical cookies ”). Others are used to glean statistical information, whether in an aggregate form or otherwise, on the number of users who access the Site, and on how the site is used (“monitoring cookies ” a/k/a “ analytics ”). Others, finally, are used to create a consumer profile for you, and tailor site ads to your interests, meaning align them to your tastes and purchasing habits (“profiling cookies ”).

This Site only uses technical and analytics cookies, not profiling cookies.

To find out more about these different categories of cookies, please read on. Discover how they work and what they are used for; that way, You can freely choose whether to allow or disable them.

B. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used on the Site for the sole purpose of permitting your navigation on the Site and to access its functionality. These are still first-party cookies, in that they are channelled directly by us on the Site.

Some technical cookies are essential to give You an excellent navigation experience or to allow for us to authenticate You on the site, for example should You wish to make a purchase on the Site or access the reserved area (“navigation cookies ”). Navigation cookies are usually session cookies; therefore, once the browser window is closed, they are automatically disabled.

Other technical cookies are used to allow You to store some of your preferences (e.g. language or country of access) without having to re-set them on each subsequent visit (“functional cookies ”) For this reason, functional cookies are often persistent cookies, in that they stay stored on your computer even after the browser window is closed, until their expiration date or until You decide to delete them.

The following technical cookies are presently in use on the Site:

Cookie Name

Cookie Category

Cookie Function

Frontend, frontend_cid

- First-party functional cookie

- Functional cookie

Magento Cookie to save session preferences Period: one (1) day.


This cookie proves the user has accepted the cookie policy Period: one (1) year.

As contemplated under current privacy regulations, your advance consent is not required to install these types of cookies. Naturally, You are free to block the installation of technical cookies by modifying your browser settings (read paragraph D, no. 1 to find out how). Bear in mind, however, that by blocking the installation of technical cookies or eliminating them thereafter, the possibility of accessing the Site and using it (in its entirety or any part thereof), or enabling or disabling certain functions on the same, or receiving certain services may be totally or partially compromised.

C. Monitoring cookies a/k/a “analytics”

Analytics cookies are used to gather statistical information, whether in an aggregate form or otherwise, on the number of users who access the Site, and on how they access the site itself.

Analytics cookies on this Site are third-party cookies because they are not directly channelled by us, but rather by third parties; likewise, they are not installed directly by Company but by third parties.

The following third-party analytics are installed without your advance consent on the Site because they are less invasive (more specifically, pseudonymised), that is, third parties cannot access disaggregated analytics data on an IP-address level (in other words, third parties cannot trace your identity using these cookies):

Cookie Name

Cookie Category

Link to opt-out policy / instructions

Google Analytics

- Third-party analytics cookie

- permanent

- pseudonymised

Other third-party analytics cookies, on the other hand, are only installed on the Site with your advance consent because they are not pseudonymised, which means third parties can access disaggregated analytics on an IP-address level.

Cookie Name

Cookie Category

Link to opt-out policy / instructions

Google Analytics

- Third-party analytics cookie

- permanent


- Third-party cookie

- permanent

For this reason, when You access the Site, a conspicuous banner is displayed, notifying You that (i) third-party cookies are in use on the Site, and that (ii) by closing the banner, scrolling through the home page, or by clicking on any element on the home page outside the banner, You are consenting to the use of cookies. Should You wish to express your consent to the installation of cookies in this manner, we will track your consent through a designated technical cookie. In this way, You will not need to view the banner on subsequent Site visits. Please bear in mind that should You delete this technical cookie from your browser in the manner described in paragraph D, no. 1), evidence of your consent may be lost. Therefore, over the course of your subsequent visit to the Site the cookie banner will pop up once again.

Naturally, You are free to block analytics cookies at any time, without thereby compromising your Site visit, or your use of any content thereon. To find out how, please carefully read over third-party cookie policies, available in the links appearing in the table supra .

D. How to manage cookies and object to their use

Different options to manage, disable, and delete cookies are available to You:

(1)  Change your browser settings

Follow the instructions provided by the browser You use to discover how to manage, disable, or delete all cookies (including technical cookies and analytics):

Choose carefully. By indiscriminately blocking the receipt of all cookies - including technical ones - without allowing for a specific exception for the Site, You might indeed no longer be able to navigate the Site and use any or all of its functionality. Furthermore, by deleting all cookies from your browser, You may be deleting the technical cookies as well, thereby removing the preferences You set for using the Site; products or services in your cart may also disappear.

(2)  Use our interactive instruments or those provided by third parties

To disable third-party cookies, please review the privacy policies for the third parties installing analytics cookies (see paragraph C, supra ) to know what other instruments might be available to You to manage, disable, and delete cookies, and more generally to object to their use. Please remember that if You disable third-party cookies, (i) You are objecting to their use not only on the Site, but through all websites on which such cookies are used, and (ii) your navigation of the Site and use of its functionality shall in no way be jeopardised. When You disable third-party cookies, You will still see the Site’s cookie banner on the home page. However, if You close the banner, scroll through the home page, or click outside the banner, You will not receive any third-party cookie that You have properly disabled.

E. Other information

As made clear in the introduction to this policy, Company gathers and processes some of your personal information through cookies it channels directly on the Site (first-party cookies). Company acts as data controller for purposes of processing this data. We will only process your data using electronic instruments, in a fully automated manner, and without any human intervention. Therefore, our employees and associates will never access the content of your personal data through cookies. Some of our employees and associates, appointed as data processors, might perform maintenance on the IT systems hosting your data, without accessing the actual content. Personal data may be stored in servers hosted by third parties (e.g. IT system providers) who act as external data controllers pursuant to a specific delegation of authority by Company. Please note that, in accordance with statutory guarantees, your data may be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area, where the same level of privacy guaranteed by Italian and European privacy laws may not be available. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third-party data controllers or disseminated.

F. Your rights

To learn more about your rights and how to exercise them, please review the Site’s Privacy Policy.