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September 2018

FIVE Palm Jumeirah is a dare-to-be-different hotel that captures the heat, energy and vibe of Dubai. The 468-room lifestyle hotel is situated on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, offering magnificent views of Dubai Marina and beyond.


ADDRESS: FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai No. 1
Palm Jumeirah Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TELEPHONE: 04 455 9999


INSTAGRAM: @FivePalmJumeirah

" At FIVE Palm Jumeirah, we provide luxury through the interiors, amenities and services that we offer, but we also provide an experience-driven environment, which we are able to personalise and evolve depending on what it is our guests are looking for."








Tell us about the design of FIVE Palm Jumeirah.

Conceptualised in-house by architect and CEO of FIVE Real Estate Development, Nabil Akiki, FIVE Palm Jumeirah has gained a reputation for pioneering design and trailblazing architecture, inspired by amphitheatres to maximise the magnificent views across Dubai’s skyline.

At the centre of the entrance is a towering 15 x 15 metre glass cube, the largest of its kind in the world, which allows guests a view of the 50-metre social pool, the beach and beyond. Inside the cube, a wooden structure gracefully rises up to resemble a double helix and represents the DNA and heart of the hotel. Outside the inimitable ambience of the hotel comes alive, with luxurious day beds, alfresco dining and cool tunes sparking excitement all day long and late into the night.

What are three fun facts about the property that many are surprised to learn?

1) The glass cube was created by the same architecture firm as Apple’s iconic cube outside its 5th Avenue store.

2) The Penthouse, located on the 16th Floor, was originally intended as a penthouse apartment but we converted it into a rooftop lounge so everyone could enjoy the spectacular view.

3) Our Chairman, Kabir Mulchandani, tried Chef Bing’s Peking Duck at his restaurant in London and loved it so much he persuaded Bing to open his restaurant, Maiden Shanghai, at the hotel. Chef Bing’s Organic Peking Duck is one of Maiden Shanghai’s signature dishes.

What touches do you believe make a room or suite feel like a home-away-from-home?

FIVE Palm Jumeirah’s 468 rooms and suites have been luxuriously designed and exquisitely furnished using the finest materials to create an elegant and playful setting. Every piece of furniture and lighting, amenity and service is crafted and curated to exude style and substance. As a company, we wanted to ensure the interiors created a calming colour palette so we used teal, bronze, light and dark wood, with marble finishes to create balance and refinement. A recurring honeycomb hexagonal pattern runs throughout, complemented by a carefully chosen mix of contemporary furniture.

Walk us through your ideal stay at FIVE Palm Jumeirah.

I wake up in one of our sea-facing suites and order breakfast from our in-room dining menu. My favourite breakfast dish is the avocado burger, a poached egg in the middle of an avocado – it is delicious. Then I go down to our 50-metre social pool to catch some sun and listen to our in-house DJ. To cool down, I order one of our best-selling Beach Bailey drinks, which is served in a fresh coconut. Lunch is at Quattro Passi, our Amalfi Coast-inspired Italian restaurant, for something light. Sunset is spent watching the sun go down across the Arabian Gulf at The Penthouse, our 16th Floor rooftop bar, before I head for dinner with friends at our signature Chinese restaurant, Maiden Shanghai. After dinner, we all go to our newly-opened karaoke room and sing into the early hours of the morning before heading to bed.

What is your greatest indulgence at a hotel when you travel?

I often travel with my family so my greatest indulgence is spending time with my children and wife. When I am not traveling with them, I do enjoy a peaceful breakfast in bed.

Can you share your go-to in-room dining order?

I’m a big fan of traditional Indian food and spent a lot of time working with our culinary team to create an Indian food offering at both our all-day dining restaurant, BLVD on One, and on our in-room dining menu. Based on that, I would order a butter chicken and dal makhana.

What is the most unique experience the hotel has put together for a guest?

We offer unique cultural experiences at FIVE Palm Jumeirah. Dubai is known for its glitz and glamour, which our guests love, but I also think it’s great for first timers in Dubai to gain an understanding of the city and its history. Our cultural experience includes breakfast in the desert, camel riding and local Emirati dining.

If you only had 24 hours in Savannah, where would you visit?

There is so much to do and see in Dubai. Shoppers should definitely head to the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall, and those looking to sample some culture should visit the recently opened Louvre Abu Dhabi. Personally, I like to relax on holiday so I would enjoy a relaxing spa treatment and arrange to charter our very own FIVE yacht, My FIVE. You get to see Dubai from a completely different angle from the sea.

What do you believe is the greatest hidden gem in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its glamour but there are a few hidden, more traditional gems in the city if you are willing to seek them out. Bu Qtair is a very simple seafood restaurant in Jumeirah that serves the fresh catch of the day in its famous “secret recipe.” The food is cheap and the surroundings are unpretentious, but you will see people from all walks of life queuing for their dinner there.

Not too far away from Bu Qtair is Three Fil, named after its three founders. The founders have built this restaurant based on their urge to “give one each cent worth” to what was lacking on Dubai's dining scene, Fils is the smallest part of the UAE Dirham and so the team believes that you can be very effective and success, doesn’t matter how small you are, is all about your innovation and passion. The food is wonderful and well-priced.

In your opinion, why is the fall a great time of year to visit Dubai?

Without doubt, the ability to explore Dubai without the heat. During the cooler winter months, Dubai’s social scene comes to life and the city is always playing host some kind of event.

Why do you travel?

Someone once said, “I travel not to escape from life but life not escape from me,” and I think it perfectly sums up traveling. It is about discovering new destinations, people and experiences. I like the feeling of uncertainty, when you are about to go into a new journey and you don't know what to expect. It's like being a child again and opens you up to new ways of thinking.

How do you define luxury?

I think it’s about experiences. Ten years ago, staying in a luxury hotel was about the material and physical experience, but as global travel has become more accessible so too has the expectation of luxury. Experiences are just as important as the luxury. At FIVE Palm Jumeirah, we provide luxury through the interiors, amenities and services that we offer, but we also provide an experience-driven environment, which we are able to personalise and evolve depending on what it is our guests are looking for.

What does it feel like to wrap yourself in Frette

We have had some really positive feedback from guests about our bedding at FIVE Palm Jumeirah. For many people staying with us, it’s the only time they get to sit back and really relax. Our guests often say they’ve slept properly for the first time in a long time. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.