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Richard Mishaan
Richard Mishaan


What inspired your passion for interior design?

I went to architecture school and feel I am more of what they refer to in Europe as an Interior architect.

Who are your (design) mentors (if any)?

I have many mentors because I have an appreciation for so many styles in architecture and design.

I love the work of Charles Debestegui and Tony Duquette when it comes to Maximalism, I love Mies van de Rohe and Le Corbusier when it comes to Minimalism and foremost I get a lot from visual artists. They inspire and mold our sensibilities.

What are the most important decorative elements in your home?

The foundation of all design is the architecture. It is then layered upon. I am a devout collector so in my home you need to continue to look and you will find nuances and discoveries constantly.

Another great inspiration is the Yves Saint Laurent library on Rue de Babylone – very much a take on Marie Laure de Noilles salon on the Place des Etats-Unis – and now my own library/den looks like it but of a much smaller scale and naturally without the Leger paintings.

Designer Impressions August 2018

"The foundation of all design is the architecture. It is then layered upon."

What are your three most important elements when designing a bedroom/room?

Comfort and function are the goals. The elements I would say are an extraordinary bed both visually and comfort-wise. The use of technology is essential and people do so much from their bedrooms that good connectivity with the internet and charging stations are essential. However, sensuality and pampering come from an excellent set of bed linens. They truly set you apart from the others. They also inspire intimacy and sensuality. That can't hurt any relationship… am I right?

From your experience, what is the best decorating advice you can offer someone?

Buy the best from the beginning - even if you buy less - and build what you have over time. If you get the one item for the bedroom get the best bed, best mattress and best linens. Same goes for the living room, etc. Don’t try to get every item the first day. I've had my beds and linens, for example, for 20 years. They still hold up. Less expensive things tend to fall apart. Think VALUE not PRICE.

Designer Impressions 2018

"The [most important] elements I would say are an extraordinary bed both visually and comfort-wise."

What upcoming projects are you looking forward to?

The completion of the penthouse at 56 Leonard. It is going to be Epic. The clients are such innovators and visionary collectors, it’s going to be truly unforgettable.

Why is the Fall a great time to refresh one's home?

It seems Fall or back-to-school is when we really think the year starts and not December 31st. Most people want to have things in place to get a head start coming out of the starting gate. I agree.

Designer Impressions  2018

"[S]ensuality and pampering come from an excellent set of bed linens. "

What are your "Frette favorites"?

This is so not fair as I love so many of the collections. I do however, love mixing and matching them. There is nothing more comforting and sensual than Frette sheets, European shams and quilted coverlets.

I am already deeply enamored by the way they look before getting under the sheets. A favorite of mine is Illusione and Bicolore mixed together. The texture of Illusione and the crisp geometrics of Bicolore are a standout.

The quality and the softness caress you the minute you get into bed.

Where do you go for design inspiration in the New York?

Everywhere I go is inspiring. I often laugh that I have been here 40 years and continue to photograph everywhere in New York as if im a tourist. I do however love to see gallery shows, museums and all sorts of exhibits. The feed the soul and the design database.

What is your favorite book, magazine, or site related to design?

There are a few I can tell you I am crazy about other than the usual suspects… Cultured magazine is on the top 10, as is Cabana Magazine. I also love the Hermès magazine which is editorial/advertorial but incredible.

What is on your nightstand?

OMG…. It’s such a mess and there is so much clutter.

I have a clock radio very old school, I have hundreds of magazines by the nightstand. I have books, bottled water and most important of all iPhone chargers and headphones for my phone and giant iPad.

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