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"I used to build houses out of paper and LEGO's inspired by the houses I admired, and create gardens surrounding these fantasy houses!"

Mario Nievera

Nievera Williams Landscape Architecture

Mario Nievera


We had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with Mario Nievera, founder of Nievera Williams Design, one of the leading U.S. landscape architecture firms.

What determined your passion for design?

I grew up on Chicago's North Shore, where there were so many beautiful homes and gardens. I used to build houses out of paper and LEGO's inspired by the houses I admired, and created gardens surrounding these fantasy houses!

What inspires you?

I follow a lot of interior designers and fashion designers on 'Instagram' and 'Tumbler' as I do think what is happening in both design fields has a direct impact on my profession as a landscape architect.

Can you remember your first design project?

I do: a garden surrounding a modernist/contemporary house in Palm Beach Florida. The clients had immense good taste, and I learned a lot about how people live elegantly in the house and garden.  

What field of design are you most interested in?

Interior design and fashion design.

What is your process in designing a garden?

Geography (where the property is located, what kind of sunlight, how much rain, and if it's a cold climate) and architecture/interiors, along with the personal desires of the client, are all taken into account before I put pen to paper.

What is the best landscaping advice you can offer someone?

Don't forget to analyze the soil! Soil modifications are so important for plants to survive! And drainage!

What is your favorite book, magazine, or site on design?

Instagram: @debbietenquist; @kfogara; @tincanstudios; @putnamflowers; @billy_reid; @thesartorialist etc.

What does it feel like to wrap yourself in Frette sheets or Frette bath?

Seriously amazing! I love my sheets!

Do you prefer your sheets to be linen, sateen, percale, or poplin?

PERCALE! I have mine ironed!

What is on your bedside table?

Water (in a carafe); charger (I shouldn't have my iPhone, nor iPad with me in bed, but I can't help it!); Kleenex; fresh flowers; 'lunesta'!