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"You literally feel like you are in a cloud made out of spun baby angel hair and being serenaded by harps. Frette is more than a luxury linen brand, it is a way of life."

Taylor Spellman


Taylor Spellman

Taylor Spellman


We looked to interior designer Taylor Spellman to discover what inspires her and hear her thoughts on the most important elements of interior design.

How did you get passionate about design?

My love of artistic expression started at a young age with dance and continued through my college career where I trained at Alvin Ailey. I think of my designs and art as an extension of the beauty and rhythm of dancing. Like every dance piece, every space has a different story to tell and it is my passion to share that story the best that I possibly can.

What inpires you?

Not to sound cliché but having lived in New York City for the past 15 years I have to say, what doesn’t inspire me? The sights, the sounds, the smells, the colors, a show at Lincoln Center, walking around my neighborhood in SoHo - everything about the city holds space for inspiration.

I also cannot live without a hearty glass (or two) of cabernet at the end of the day, preferably shared with family and friends over a long, leisurely meal.

My collection of journals dates back almost 20 years and I can always open them up to reconnect to myself and stay inspired. And, of course, I can never fail to mention Iris Apfel as I aspire to be her on a daily basis.

Can you remember your first design project?

Absolutely – I think about it practically every single day to remind myself how far I have come! It was a 300-square foot studio that I worked tirelessly to make into a beautiful and livable space on an extremely meager budget. Just today I got an email to do an apartment worth 45 million. I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m the same woman who was personally painting walls in that tiny studio apartment.

Which field of design are you most interested in?

Staging has become my true love in the field of design. I love the balance of left brain and right brain as you manage the creative process and the high stakes project management and timeline of working with brokers to sell the story of a space. It is a high pressure, results driven process that gives me the adrenaline to create my best work – whether it be styling the space or creating a piece of original art.

My firm is unique in that we treat each staging job as an interior design project and don’t follow a one size fits all approach. I tell my team to think about who lives in this space – a family on the Upper East Side or a writer in a SoHo loft. We always design to create an image that is both relatable and inspiring to those who are looking to buy. This approach leads to very quick sales which is why we’re the number one staging firm in New York City.

What is the best decorating advice you can offer someone?

Always invest in the bones of your home – the couch, bed, bedding, coffee table and dining table. These are the pieces you use the most and if skimp on quality, you will have to replace them again and again. You can have fun and experiment with your style with throw pillows and décor but your staple items should be classic and quality.

What is your favorite book, magazine, or site on design?

The original book by Domino is my absolute favorite that I refer to all the time and is a consistent feature in my designs. The hands down best design magazine is Elle Décor as it has a little bit of everything – design, fashion, home tips, celebrity spaces and so much more.

What are the most important elements when designing a bedroom/room?

The single most important element to a bedroom is comfort as you are ideally spending eight hours a day (if you are lucky) curled up in this space. A luxe mattress and Frette bedding is a delicious way to unwind and escape the hustle of today’s world.

I always like to add a decadent touch of comfort like a Hermes throw blanket. Not only is the design sophisticated and classic but this wonderland of comfort soothes the mind and body as well.

What does it feel like to wrap yourself in Frette sheets or Frette bath?

The first time my best friend slept in my guest room when I made the very necessary upgrade to Frette, I think there was an actual tear in her eye as she pronounced it the safest, warmest and most fantastic sleeping experience she had ever had. You literally feel like you are in a cloud made out of spun baby angel hair and being serenaded by harps. Frette is more than a luxury linen brand, it is a way of life.

Do you prefer your sheets to be linen, sateen, percale, or poplin?

I love a high-count percale sheet as I find it to be the softest and it feels so amazing when it is crisp after ironing. Also, it helps that it is machine washable and bleachable.

What is on your bedside table?

I love to collect little bowls I find at flea markets and I use them next to my bed or in entry ways to hold small items. Mine holds my Oyster Perpetual Rolex, San Pellegrino, La Mer night lotion, my journal and colored pencils in case I am inspired during the night and a paper copy of the New York Times.

How often should you update your bedroom?

Whenever you need an energy shift, new linens are the way to go. I recommend them for a break up, a new job, a new relationship, you just want a change – whenever you need a fresh start. It is easy to transition to the next chapter in your life when you get to recharge in a fresh and clean gorgeous bed.