Designer Impressions July 2017

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"Decorate with what you are personally drawn to but also consider the subtracted nature of design"

Mr. Soo Chan

SCDA Architects

Soo Chan

Mr. Soo Chan

Design Director


We looked to Design Director Mr. Soo Chan to uncover his inspirations and perspective on important design elements.

How did you get passionate about design?

I knew I was going to be a designer from a very early age. I was innately interested in how things came together.

What inspires you?

Passionate people inspire me, people who don’t let detractors or bureaucracy stop them.

Who are your mentors?

I count Leslie Lasky, one of my undergrad professors at Washington University, as a mentor. His lessons on the utilitarian nature of design achieved through an economy of means and a concern for materiality still resonate.

What is the art field you are most interested in?

I would say I’m interested in all fields related to design, but I enjoy photography and sculpture.

Describe Frette in three words.

Versatile, modern, original.

From your experience, what is the best decorating advice you can offer someone?

Decorate with what you are personally drawn to but also consider the subtracted nature of design – get it down to the essential elements.

How would you introduce Frette to your clients?

Frette is synonymous with discerning quality – we use quite a lot of Frette in our hotel projects.

What is your favorite book, magazine, or site on design?

I’m currently reading The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs.

What is on your nightstand?

Custom made shagreen box from my resort Soori Bali.